Rotary Club of Holladay

Membership - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is the rotary club a group for wealthy, popular, 50+ years old individuals?
A: Absolutely not. We welcome people of all backgrounds and walks of life. What unites us is our love for service projects, friendship, and community.

Q: How often do you meet?
A: We have regular club meetings on the second Wednesday of every month in the evenings (6:30 pm-8:00 pm). We also have a monthly service project and a monthly activity. Look at our calendar for details, or contact us!

Q: Do I have to attend the regular club meetings each month?
A: No, but we encourage participation as much as you’re willing. Our monthly meetings are opportunities to learn about our local community and connect with other rotary members. We are a lively club that has interesting speakers and delicious catered dinners.

Q: How much does it cost to be a member?
A: We have a couple of membership-level options. Quarterly rotary dues are approximately $100 for an individual and approximately $170 for a couple.

Q: How many people are in the club?
A: We have about 32 members.

Q: Are members all retired individuals over 60+ years old?
A: We have a diverse group! Some are older; some are younger. Our youngest member is in their 30's and our oldest member is in their 80’s. 

Q: Does the club have a religious affiliation?
A: No. We do not affiliate with any religion, and you won't experience any group singing or praying at club meetings.

Q: Does the club have a political affiliation?
A: No. We do not affiliate with a political party; you will find a mix among our members.